29 November, 2019

Improving Flight Safety with Eye Tracking

Global demand for commercial airline pilots will likely be twice as high in just 20 years. Training centers will need to prepare for an up-coming mass-recruitment of pilots which means that pilot training systems will need to improve their training effectiveness, especially within performance. The reality today is that inadequate monitoring of critical parameters by the pilots is a factor in 48% of accidents and incidents in commercial aviation.

Eye tracking technology, used along with simulator training, could identify problems with pilots’ instrument scans and help them correct their techniques for future flights. Not only will pilot training benefit from technology that lets instructors track the gaze of the pilot in real time, but the data can also be saved and analyzed after the simulation session. Together with the instructor, the pilot can increase their awareness of monitoring behaviors they might never have noticed on their own.

This testimonial aims to explain how Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology combined with Hinfact’s human factors expertise will add value to pilot training.


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