14 October, 2022

Smart Eye + Tongji University

The School of Automobile of Tongji University was established in 2002. The School of Automotive has cooperated with many well-known domestic and foreign auto companies such as SAIC Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Motor, UAES, Continental AG, Geely Auto, etc. to establish school-enterprise joint training modes for students such as enterprise practice, engineers teaching in university, and joint training of automobile reserve engineers.

By combining the previous research on the lane keeping assist function and Smart Eye’s detection function of the driver’s head and eye gaze, the Tongji University laboratory has developed a prototype of the lane keeping assist function based on the driver’s state and the prototype of the automatic lane changing function based on the gaze interaction.

In this customer success story, we walk you through how Smart Eye has helped Tongji University Research driver psychology related to eye movement in personalized driving systems.


Read customer success story here.

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