1 July, 2021

Using Eye Tracking to Understand Human Behavior Through Driving Simulations with VI-grade

Smart Eye Pro as an integrated add-on on VI-grade’s DIM

VI-grade is a leading provider of products and services for advanced applications in the field of system-level simulation. But with the help of Smart Eye XO, Smart Eye Pro, and Smart Eye Pro Dx, VI-grade can create simulations that offer deeper insight into human behavior than ever before.

By measuring physiological parameters like gaze direction, head pose, eye blinking, and pupil dilation, Smart Eye’s technology allows the VI-BioTelemetry to understand how the driver interacts with the simulator and the emotions the driver feels.

In this customer success story, we explain how adding human driver data is an important step towards even better real-world like automotive simulations, and towards dramatically increasing our understanding of how people act in vehicles.

Read customer success story here.

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