14 March, 2023

Eyes on Independence: The Smartbox and Smart Eye Collaboration

Introducing our assistive technology webinar on the ways in which individuals with disabilities use different access methods such as eye gaze to control computers, with a special focus on Smartbox and their groundbreaking Lumin-i eye tracker. We’ll explore how this technology revolutionizes the way these individuals communicate, and perform all the activities to give them the independence to live their lives. 

We’ll also dive into the exciting world of eye gaze technology and discuss how it fits into the picture, along with some of the incredible things it can achieve. You’ll hear inspiring stories of how these communication aids have given those with disabilities the power to interact with friends and family, and communicate in ways they otherwise never thought possible.

In this webinar, Smart Eye’s Senior Director of Global Marketing, Ashley McManus moderates a discussion between Soli Shahmehr, Smart Eye VP of Research Instruments and Neil Fitzgerald, Smartbox Product Manager on how eye tracking technology is being used in Smartbox’s Lumin-i eye tracker for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices, and what makes it unique.


They discuss: 

– The key features that make Lumin-i so user friendly, including a positioning guide and anti-reflection mode.

– How Smart Eye data streams have helped Smartbox to improve Lumin-i.

– The success this technology has seen so far, and what new projects we are working on that are nearing completion. 

– The huge potential that eye tracking technology gives someone even more independence. 


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