22 June, 2023

The Power of Multimodal Research: iMotions and the Future of Human Behavior Insights with Eye Tracking Technology

Since the Smart Eye acquisition of iMotions in 2021, the companies have since continued to combine their complementary expertise in sensing technologies and biosensor software for analyzing emotional, cognitive and behavioral data, delivering holistic human insights. iMotions develops a software platform that enables users to collect, fuse and analyze data from sensors measuring a wide range of biometric responses, such as attention (eye-tracking), emotions (facial expression analysis), galvanic skin response, brain activity, muscle response and heart rate. 

Measuring responses through biosensors enables research into human behavior with much higher validity than survey-based methods. The iMotions platform currently integrates and synchronizes data from more than 50 biosensors from 21 different partners, and it enables their clients to conduct their research much faster and more cost-effective. In 2022 alone, 36,492 human behavior studies ran in iMotions. iMotions also has a very strong market position in the burgeoning software market for multimodal behavioral research: among the 1,300 customers are 850 universities worldwide and 68 of the world’s top 100 research universities. 

A glimpse of the multimodal future 

At CES 2023, Smart Eye demonstrated what iMotions, Affectiva and Smart Eye technology combined can provide for human behavioral research in the automotive industry

“We were able to successfully integrate Smart Eye’s automotive SDK (Software Development Kit) for gaze and facial expression data, with other sensors like electrodermal activity, thermal cameras for skin temperature as well as pulse rate and radar-based breathing, as a proof-of concept and demonstrated it at CES,” says Peter Hartzbech, founder and CEO of iMotions. 

The technology enables automotive researchers to measure driver behavior in both action and reaction within the car by recording everything from gaze to physiological arousal and even brainwaves. The iMotions software platform integrates and synchronizes data from the different sensors and creates powerful multimodal data sets.

“Car manufacturers in the future will be able  to leverage these data sets in their R&D processes, to test their prototypes against ground truth devices and set the foundation for cloud-based analytics. Smart Eye can now offer a tool line from early prototype testing with iMotions all the way to DMS and Interior Sensing within production cars and in driving simulators,” says Hartzbech.

Conducting research that requires multiple biosensors? Learn more about iMotions and Smart Eye’s eye tracking solutions in this Comprehensive Guide to Selecting Eye Tracking Solutions download.

Written by Ashley McManus
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