16 December, 2022

Why You Should Integrate Eye Tracking into Your Product: the Process & Benefits

Smart Eye was founded on the belief that technology can be used to bridge the gap between humans and machines. Our robust eye tracking algorithms act as a catalyst for connecting people and technology. When you integrate the world’s leading Human Insight AI into your product, you gain the ability to understand, simplify and predict human intentions and actions.

By helping machines understand the wants and needs of the person interacting with them, we deliver reliable data in any setting, at any time. While Smart Eye is the global leader in Driver Monitoring System and Interior Sensing solutions, there are many other industries we can and do work with to help them add value to their offerings through eye tracker integration. 

To dive deeper into these possibilities, we wanted to outline a little bit more about our product integration offering, so you can understand how we may be able to help you take your products to the next level with eye tracking. 

About Smart Eye’s Product Integration Offering 

Product integration is a solution for companies looking to create products or prototypes alongside guidance from our technical eye tracking experts. We consult with companies on how to integrate eye tracking into their products and provide integration support every step of the way. It is attractive for any company looking to leverage eye tracking technology as part of their product development strategy to deliver an even better core offering to their customers.

What to Expect from a Highly Robust, Accurate Eye Tracker

Smart Eye has over 20 years of experience in the eye tracking field, with companies in the automotive and aviation industries placing their trust in our proven technology. Not only are our eye trackers compatible with aviation requirements, but requirements of our automotive customers make our products insensitive to ambient light, allows for freedom of movement for subjects, hardware integration capabilities, and more. 

This product has a very small footprint, so it can be integrated into many devices and doesn’t have to be visible at all to the user. One client example is Smartbox, who are using Smart Eye for their Lumin-I product–they have a tablet with an eye tracker as a communication device to ensure those with disabilities always have a voice.  With the steep requirements Smartbox had to achieve their vision, they evaluated a number of eye trackers and concluded that Smart Eye was the best one to partner with. Integrating an eye tracker was a critical piece of technology that added value to their assistive technology product. We were able to collaborate with SmartBox to enhance the human connection between their customers and their families through the highly accurate and robust performance of our eye trackers.

Lean on Experts to Help Integrate Eye Tracking to Your Product

Another benefit to Product Integration is the expertise of the Smart Eye team. After two decades of working with eye trackers, we are open and eager to work with any company that might want to collaborate on integrating eye tracking into their product to deliver on a great solution for their customers.

The first step is reaching out to us to learn more about your customer requirements, the market, review what you have so far to see how it aligns with our timelines, bandwidth and pricing. If all parties decide to move forward, we can provide you with product samples so you can see how the technology works and start testing it with your team. We’ll stay close to get your feedback, provide additional support and help test the integration. 

When If you are impressed, we’ll continue to iterate on new hardware and software adjustments to be considered for future testing and development until your product is ready to launch. While many of our customers work on their own using an evaluation kit, others greatly benefit from collaborating during the evaluation stage to hone in on what design will deliver optimal performance for whatever vision they are looking to achieve. 

Who can benefit from eye tracking product integration? 

While the possibilities are endless, we have experience working within aviation, flight training, cabin monitoring systems, assistive technology and even diagnostic technology. Keep in mind that there are as many ways of integrating eye trackers as there are products to integrate with; it all comes down to partnering with the right company who can help you customize, adjust and develop what you need. In addition to our passion for collaboration, we continuously build and improve on our product suite to help meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

The Bottom Line

Technology connects us, and it doesn’t matter where we are. Smart Eye’s Product Integration offering can add value to many products, and so many companies can benefit from connecting additional sensors and technologies to their products to increase their value to their customers. Our core business has revolved around eye tracking, and relying on our client feedback has helped us to continuously innovate to meet the challenges of clients to come! 

Looking to add the robustness of eye tracking into your product? Contact us to learn more about integrating Smart Eye, or to schedule a demo! 

Written by Ashley McManus
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