Dina Elkholy

Role: Software Architect & Tech Lead at Automotive Solutions

Based in: Cairo, Egypt

At Smart Eye since: 2021

Fun fact: In her free time, Dina likes to go rafting.

Best Cairo tip: Rent a boat and go rowing on the Nile early in the morning.

– It’s a very powerful tool.

When describing what she likes the most about software engineering, the first thing that comes to Dina Elkholy’s mind has to do with its wide array of uses.

– If you can code and program really well, you can solve many different problems in many different industries.

When it comes to using her software engineering skills in different industries and contexts, Dina has first-hand experience. With a background in Biomedical Engineering, she has gotten to work with everything from software and hardware engineering to bioscience. But it was in software programming she really found her place.

– I love coming up with solutions for problems I haven’t seen before. When that happens, it’s the highlight of my day. For example, you could have a solution that’s working really well on your desktop, but when you move it to a small hardware platform that gets integrated in a car – like an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – it doesn’t run as fast as it should. Working on this kind of optimization is really interesting to me.

Up until now, Dina’s focus has been on Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) features, which are already in production with several leading car manufacturers.

But as driver monitoring evolves into automotive Interior Sensing, Dina is looking forward to working on in-cabin sensing features that extends the benefits of driver monitoring to all occupants in the car. These are features that are just about to transition from research to production – like child seat detection, phone detection, object left behind.

– One of the reasons why I like working at a smaller company is that it allows you to explore and learn more about the overall system, instead of just being confined to working on a small part of it.

Before Dina started working at Smart Eye in the summer of 2021, she worked at a much bigger company in the automotive industry. According to Dina, getting to be involved in many different parts of the development process is just one of the perks of being part of a smaller company. Something else immediately stood out for her when she joined Smart Eye: the people.

– People are so helpful. Whenever I ask a question on Slack, people I don’t even know or work with jump in to offer an answer or an idea to try. No matter the culture or nationality, if they are based in Cairo or Gothenburg or Boston, people are very cooperative and willing to help out. It’s like a shared Smart Eye culture thing.

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