“We are trying to understand human behavior, which is a hard challenge.”

Good communication is always important. But it’s crucial when you work with developing technology that will be used for safety. For Marcus Christensson and his team understanding problems and solving them is a huge part of the job.

Marcus team focus on software projects towards the automotive industry were the customer has their own hardware platform and Smart Eye integrate a library of products on it.

“It’s important to solve problems together with the customer and make our products work well with their existing technique”, says Marcus.

Using AI
Smart Eye uses Artificial Intelligence together with traditional algorithms to better achieve an efficient system and handling the enormous data which originates from head and eye tracking. Sometimes there are so many corner cases that it´s hard to cover.

“As an engineer involved in testing or debugging a complex system I often run into corner cases. Anomalies that only occurs at some specific occasions. Using AI can be a neat approach to handle such cases”, Marcus explains.

Human behavior
The main usage of Automotive Solutions products is to make cars understand if the driver is sleeping or if he/she is not focused on the task. It can measure how alert the driver is, and help if needed. It involves a lot of work to accomplish this.

”I like Smart Eye because it’s a very high-tech company. We are trying to understand human behavior, which is a hard challenge. In order to do that, we need advanced algorithms with a high technical depth” says Marcus.

/ Join us on our mission to bridge the gap between humans and machines.

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