“I am very much a problem solver.”

Driver monitoring is the next big thing in automotive industry and Smart Eye is one of the key players in this field. Peter Rundberg uses all of his technical expertise to make the company stay there.

His title is Technical Expert and that includes a lot of skills. It really means that he helps the customers get the most out of Smart Eye’s products.

– There is so much happening in this business at the moment, so you need to stay sharp, says Peter.

Increases safety
Smart Eye provides software for understanding the driver in the driving scenario. Cameras focus the drivers face and the cabin and an algorithm review the state of the driver. This tech is useful because it can increase safety.

If the car knows that the driver is falling asleep maybe it can come to a controlled stop, in the future.

– We offer cameras with active illumination that makes it possible to film even in complete darkness. The output from our driver monitoring algorithms can be blended with many sensors in the car to make a complete map of the situation, Peter explains.

Diverse team
Peter appreciates his talented colleagues – mathematicians, programmers and technicians from all around the globe. Solving problems together with them makes the job interesting.

– Working at Smart Eye is really fun. I am very much a problem solver. If there is a problem, I need to solve it. At Smart Eye we do that every day and I love it, says Peter.

/ Join us on our mission to bridge the gap between humans and machines.

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