“We’re building a technology that is always ahead of the industry.”

Head and eye tracking information can be really useful to researchers. Solmaz Shahmehr and her team members, at Research Instruments, provide equipment at the very forefront of technology.

But it is not always easy to be working with cutting edge technology. When you are at the absolute front and the industry is behind you.

The most challenging and fun part of the job is being able to affect the industrial trends. Because we’re building a technology that is always ahead of the industry” says Solmaz.

Groundbreaking technology
During the 10 years she has been at Smart Eye, head and eye tracking has improved a lot. We are now seeing the technique out on the market used, for examples, in cars on the roads.

”It’s really fascinating to see that our technology has been deployed in serial production car programs such as Geely and BMW. It will help reduce accidents and make driving safer” says Solmaz.

Well-trained engineer and leader
Solmaz has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Software Engineering and Technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. She is a curious, positive person that enjoys her challenging role at Smart Eye.
”I see a challenge as something that I can learn from, and that makes it fun to me”, Solmaz concludes.

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