Driver Monitoring System for Fleets

A complete hardware and software driver monitoring solution with artificial intelligence, great flexibility, and superior performance. Designed to reduce road accidents, AIS helps fleet managers enable their drivers to perform to the best of their ability.

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AIS is Smart Eye’s comprehensive hardware and software Driver Monitoring System (DMS) for fleet aftermarket installation. Using AI-powered software to detect early signs of drowsiness and distraction it promptly alert the driver in real time – preventing potentially hazardous situations.

  • Uses Smart Eye’s proven DMS software – already in over 1,000,000 cars on the road
  • Automotive grade, in-house developed hardware
  • Flexible and scalable – effortlessly installed in minutes
  • Fully compliant with Euro NCAP and GSR standards
  • Seamlessly integration with fleet management systems


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From our Partners:

“Based on our thorough evaluation, including extensive field testing, Smart Eye was the best choice for us.”


Elias Chowdhury, Transport Safety Manager Region Europe North at Linde


“We have tested several different systems focusing on distraction, but what I think is unique about Smart Eye’s system is its ability to detect both distraction and drowsiness.”


Roger Blom, CEO of Ernsts Express

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