Eye Tracking for
Automotive Research

Smart Eye Pro enables researchers to understand how people act, think, and feel inside vehicles. Providing new breakthroughs within road safety, human-machine interaction, and human factors research.

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As the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system, Smart Eye Pro features the best-combined head box, field of view, and gaze accuracy on the market, and more:

  • Remote eye tracking solution (no glasses needed)
  • Exceptional robustness
  • Compact size to fit anywhere
  • Enhanced resolution
  • Larger headbox to ensure the best data availability
  • New autoexposure feature
  • Reduced setup and configuration time


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From our Partners:


“Adding human driver data like pupil dilation, blink and gaze enables our customers to further advance the understanding of how humans behave and thereby helping the development towards a better real-world like simulation.”


— VI-grade


“We are looking forward to the next generation of product offerings that Smart Eye is rolling out, and I’m personally excited about the emotion capabilities, even more accurate gaze tracking (especially in eccentric views) and potential behavioral inferences and categorizations.”


— Georgia Tech Sonification Lab


“By combining research on the lane keeping assist function and Smart Eye’s detection function of the driver’s head and eye gaze, our laboratory has developed a prototype of the lane keeping assist function based on the driver’s state and the prototype of the automatic lane changing function based on the gaze interaction.”


— Tongji University

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