Eye Tracking for Aviation

Smart Eye Pro is the preferred eye tracker for human factors research, pilot monitoring, flight training, and multi-screen simulators or control room environments around the world.

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As the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system, Smart Eye Pro features the best-combined head box, field of view, and gaze accuracy on the market, and more:

  • Remote eye tracking solution (no glasses needed)
  • Exceptional robustness
  • Compact size to fit anywhere
  • Enhanced resolution
  • Larger headbox to ensure the best data availability
  • New autoexposure feature
  • Reduced setup and configuration time


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From our Partners:


“There are several reasons why we chose the Smart Eye Pro as an eye tracking solution. For one, the system is the only one offering multi-camera solutions with high precision.”


— Hinfact


“Our previous trackers were head-mounted, and having the freedom to not have to tether anything to the subjects is much better for us and we are getting better results. We’re also able to add real-time and filtered eye and head track data down to a very small degree of accuracy.”


— Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton


“It was clear that no other system was as accurate and as easy to use as the Smart Eye Pro system.”


— Institute of Flight Systems

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