16 November, 2022

Introducing Smart Eye Pro 10.1 and Mobile Stand: Enhanced Efficiency and Ease of Use for Researchers

The global leader in Human Insight AI, Smart Eye is announcing today its latest product release for Smart Eye Pro, in addition to its new Mobile Stand product.

As the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system, Smart Eye Pro 10.1 is meant to even further enhance its stellar performance in all conditions. This robust performance combined with its versatility is why Smart Eye Pro is the preferred research partner for car and flight simulators, vehicle studies, multi-screen or control room environments, and many more.

The first improvement of Smart Eye Pro 10.1 includes enhanced support for handling eye tracking on subjects with eye disorders, such that only one of the eyes is compatible with eye tracking – for example, if a research subject has a porcelain eye or has strabismus (more commonly known as cross eyedness). Also included in this release is the streamlined process happening behind the scenes. Essentially, the computer chain controlling the source code of tasks has been modernized. This enables an accelerated development process and quicker feature growth of the products in the Smart Eye Pro family. Lastly, this update also changed how Smart Eye is able to install software for our customers: previously, users had to install Smart Eye Pro drivers for cameras separately. With this release, this software installation process has been streamlined in a single package.

In addition to Smart Eye Pro 10.1, Smart Eye announces today availability of a much-requested Mobile Stand unit. For researchers looking to conduct mobile research studies, the Smart Eye Mobile Stand mounts our eye trackers to mobile phones. Designed to hold the eye tracker in place, this unit secures the setup from the base and allows participants to interact with study naturally. The mobile stand is fully supported in our software setup tool making the setup simple yet robust. The stand comes with all necessary hardware for capturing the mobile phone screen, and is fully compatible with iMotions.

View technical specifications of Smart Eye Pro 10.1 here.


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