19 October, 2023

Emotion AI Unveiled: Crafting Compelling Entertainment with MarketCast

Today’s episode features Kate Monninger, VP of Campaign Analytics at MarketCast. A versatile research analyst with fifteen years of experience in supplier-side strategic consulting, Kate has proven expertise as a research manager overseeing the design, implementation, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative projects on a global scale. Her current work focuses on theatrical campaigns and franchise/brand messaging development, with experience also in the TV and OTT marketplaces. She has also conducted quant and qual research throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

MarketCast is a data and technology-driven research and insights firm serving CMOs and marketers at the world’s top brands, media companies, tech platforms, and sports and video games organizations. The company brings together a unique mix of primary research, AI, and big data to deliver full-funnel transparency for marketers. Their insights guide critical marketing decisions, helping brands determine which audiences to prioritize and product benefits to communicate, in addition to developing, launching, and measuring brand and advertising campaigns across media platforms.

Kate and I talked about some of her recent entertainment research she conducted on a very popular action movie franchise, including what she set out to understand from viewers of this content, the methodology of understanding user emotion, her learnings, and the data behind them. Listen to learn more.


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