13 February, 2024

Mastering Storytelling Through Entertainment Content Testing with Emotion AI

Marketers often talk about the art of storytelling, but how do they measure up to the experts in filmmaking? In a world where emotions drive engagement, Affectiva’s Emotion AI database, with 80 thousand pieces of advertising and entertainment content, provides unique insights. This technology reads between the lines, decoding facial expressions to understand audience engagement and feelings in the moment of viewing.

In a recent webinar hosted by Greenbook, Affectiva’s Mitzi Lorentzen guided attendees through case studies and quantitative analyses, uncovering the role of emotions in driving key outcomes such as advertising sales and box office success. Mitzi dove into the comparison between advertising and entertainment in evoking viewer emotion and the consequences that follow.

She also covered the art of getting emotion right – when to use positive versus negative emotions and how to tailor them to different genres or messages. Throughout the webinar event, she showcased practical applications beyond box office hits, illustrating how the tricks of narrative revealed by emotional AI can drive attention and engagement across various industries. Listen in to learn more.


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