5 September, 2023

Navigating Neuroscience: Transforming Pilot Training Research with iMotions

Today’s episode features Senior Neuroscience Product Specialist at iMotions, Nam Nguyen. With over 15 years of experience shaping cutting-edge research across diverse industries, Nam’s background encompasses everything from military and healthcare technologies, automotive UX, game design, and academic research. His expertise is matched only by his passion for sensors and technology. Currently advising research programs at iMotions, he brings cognitive neuroscience methodology to the forefront, backed by a history of rigorous scientific work and multiple peer-reviewed publications.

Nam and I talked about aviation and how cutting-edge technology like eye tracking and biometrics are revolutionizing the aviation industry. Having gained insights from pilots and exploring applications in flight safety, training, and more over the years – from Smart Eye Pro eye tracking to emotion analysis – we covered how iMotions enhances aviation tasks, monitors human-machine interaction, and ensures pilot readiness in the face of automation.

Join us as we gain insights into the intersections of neuroscience and technology for aviation: Let’s listen in to learn more.

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