18 November, 2021

The Role of Eye Tracking in Understanding Human Behavior, Intentions and Interactions

Today’s episode features Solmaz Shahmehr, VP and Head of Business Area Research Instruments at Smart Eye.

Solmaz has been with Smart Eye since 2009 in different capacities – she is responsible for directing the Research Instruments organization, and charged with delivering a sustainable, profitable business model there. She also leads global sales, product development and product management, marketing, support & ops.

In our conversation, we talked a lot about the Research Instruments business unit of Smart eye: how our products there (like Smart Eye Pro) track, measure and analyze human eye movements to create a deeper understanding of human behavior, intentions and interactions all over the world. We also discussed the recently announced Smart Eye acquisition of iMotions, and what that means for the future of biometric research. Let’s listen in to learn more.

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