The Smart Eye AI-X, our screen-based high-performance eye tracker, is designed for eye tracking research within marketing, UX and media.

AI-X Setup

The AI-X User Guide below provides instructions on how to install, use and troubleshoot the AI-X eye tracker.

Please download the Smart Eye Tracker software from iMotions help center before starting installation.

AI-X User Guide (v. 11.0)

Previous User Guides: v. 10.2 v. 10.1 v. 10.0

Mounting the AI-X on a Display

The AI-X mounts on a display using a magnetic bracket that has to be installed onto the display frame. Once the bracket is installed on the display, the AI-X can easily be attached and detached. Follow the instructions in the AI-X Display Mounting Guide below to install your magnetic bracket.

Display Mounting Guide


Mounting the AI-X on the Mobile Stand

The Mobile Stand is an accessory that allows eye tracking on phones. The mounting guide below describes how to assemble the Mobile Stand and how to mount the AI-X and phone on the stand.

Mobile Stand Mounting Guide

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