6 September, 2022

How to Select the Right Eye Tracker for Your Research

At Smart Eye, we develop the world’s most advanced eye tracking systems for analyzing human behavior and the impact of human factors.

With carefully crafted instruments and full-scale eye tracking systems, we offer unparalleled performance in complex, real-world situations. Providing insights in a wide variety of fields, making research, development and education progress towards a safer and better tomorrow.

We rely on deep knowledge of the long chain that connects human actions and intentions with technology. Our eye tracking solutions are redefining the possibilities within human-machine interaction (HMI) and human-computer interaction (HCI).

See a breakdown of our products below, to see which eye tracking system is the best fit for you: 

Aurora is Research Instruments’ most user-friendly eye tracker, launched in 2015 as a bar tracker and installed by the customer. Despite its simplicity, Aurora offers high performance and the capability of delivering accurate data, often being the entry point when a customer’s need for eye tracking first arises. In 2020, Aurora was launched with a 120 Hz sample rate for even better accuracy. 

Smart Eye XO is a slightly more advanced eye tracker launched in 2018. By combining Aurora’s hardware with Smart Eye Pro’s software, Smart Eye XO can be used with multiple displays simultaneously. 

Smart Eye AI-X Launched in 2020, this eye tracker was produced especially for display-based research in marketing, UX and media. Smart Eye AI-X is a sophisticated yet flexible system, well suited for research studies that enroll a lot of participants. 

Smart Eye Pro and Smart Eye Pro dx are the most sophisticated systems offered by Research Instruments. With capacity for up to eight cameras, both systems are customized and complete solutions that generate the majority of Research Instruments’ sales. Smart Eye Pro dx was launched as a more advanced version of Smart Eye Pro in 2018, and is an excellent upgrade for many of the customers that had previously used Smart Eye Pro. With its more compact footprint, Smart Eye Pro dx is also ideal for customers that need to save space in complex environments. 

Smart Eye Pro 9.1 added the capability to generate precise measurement data even with much of the face obscured. This is crucial to Research Instruments’ customers in the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made face masks a necessity in many studies. Research Instruments also produced a version of Smart Eye Pro with enhanced capability to measure children’s eye movements. 

Most recently, Smart Eye Pro 10 also added a number of hardware and software components that will enhance user experience and significantly streamline product set up.


The Bottom Line: Smart Eye Trusted to Deliver

As a premium supplier we have earned the trust of NASA, Boeing, US Air Force, General Motors, Harvard University and Stanford University among others. In other words, there is no need to study the specifications to see that we deliver the cutting edge of technology.


Are you ready to get started with eye tracking, or need more help making a selection? Download our guide on Selecting Eye Tracking Solutions or contact us to help get you started!

Written by Ashley McManus
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