22 May, 2023

Improving Accessibility and Effectiveness with Eye Tracking: A Smart Eye and Smartbox Partnership

Smartbox is a UK-based company that develops assistive technology products to help children and adults with disabilities communicate and live more independently.

One of their key products is Lumin-i, a powerful and precise eye-tracker used by people with disabilities to help them interact with assistive technology. Used alongside a Grid Pad communication aid, Lumin-i allows people to take full control of a cursor using eye movement. Users can interact with communication tools, control devices around the home, play music, send emails, and much more.

Smartbox needed an eye tracking technology that could reliably track eye movements, even in challenging environments, to make their products as accessible and effective as possible for people with disabilities.

The Solution: 

To achieve this, Smartbox selected Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology for their Lumin-i product for several reasons. Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology is known for its high accuracy, precision, and robustness, making it an ideal choice for Smartbox. Smart Eye’s technology is also highly flexible and customizable, allowing it to be easily integrated into existing products and tailored to meet specific needs. Smartbox also valued Smart Eye’s strong partnership and support, which has helped them to continuously innovate and improve their products.

The Results: 

Since integrating Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology into their Lumin-i product, Smartbox has seen significant improvements in accuracy, reliability, and accessibility. The Lumin-i product has received positive reviews from users, who appreciate the ease of use and effectiveness of the eye tracking technology. In addition, Smartbox has seen strong sales growth, with increasing demand for their products both in the UK and internationally.

The Bottom Line:

Smartbox’s partnership with Smart Eye has been instrumental in their success in developing innovative and effective assistive technology products for people with disabilities. Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology has provided Smartbox with the accuracy, flexibility, and support they need to continuously improve and enhance their products. As a result, Smart Eye is a natural partner for any company looking to integrate eye tracking into their products and take them to the next level.

“Smart Eye has been an essential partner for Smartbox in our mission to create innovative assistive technology products that truly make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. The reliability, accuracy, and flexibility of Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology have helped us to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible, and to make our products more accessible and effective than ever before. We are excited to continue our partnership with Smart Eye and to explore new ways to harness the power of eye tracking technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities around the world.” 

Neil Fitzgerald, Product Manager at Smartbox

Download the full Smartbox case study here, or if you are looking to integrate eye tracking into your products contact us today to schedule a demo! 

Written by Ashley McManus
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