7 June, 2024

Maximizing Success with Smart Eye Solutions: A Journey Through Customer Support

In this Smart Eye blog series, where we explore the intricacies of maximizing success with our cutting-edge eye tracking solutions. In this first installment, we’ll delve into the core principles of customer support and the technical aspects of Smart Eye’s products, as discussed in our recent webinar “Congrats on Your New Eye Tracking System! Now What? Maximizing Success with Smart Eye Solutions.

Setting the Stage for Success

The webinar provided valuable insights into Smart Eye’s commitment to customer success and the seamless integration process post-purchase. Emil Rolander, Customer Success Manager at Smart Eye, shared his expertise in guiding customers through their eye tracking journey.

Understanding Smart Eye: A Visionary Approach

Smart Eye’s journey began with a dream – a vision of a world where human-computer interaction is as intuitive as a glance. This dream, conceived by Mats Krantz, father of Smart Eye’s CEO Martin, ignited the inception of Smart Eye. Martin, driven by his father’s vision, transformed this dream into reality. Today, Smart Eye is dedicated to bridging the gap between humans and machines, just as Mats had envisioned.

The Smart Eye Solution: Bridging the Gap

Smart Eye has developed the most advanced camera-based software system, capable of tracking head, eyes, face, and motions with unparalleled accuracy. With a focus on understanding human behavior in complex environments, Smart Eye’s technology aims to support and enhance human-machine interaction.

A Technical Overview: Insights from our Customer Support Team

Emil provided a technical overview of Smart Eye’s eye tracking systems, particularly focusing on the Smart Eye Pro product. The Smart Eye Pro utilizes a multi-camera system, offering flexibility and adaptability to various environments.

Key Technical Features:

– Size and Form Factor: The compact size of Smart Eye’s cameras allows for easy integration into any environment, ensuring optimal placement for accurate tracking.

– Multi-Camera System: Unlike single-camera systems, Smart Eye utilizes multiple cameras to track head and eye movements effectively. This allows for a wider field of view and more accurate tracking, even in complex environments.

– Head Tracking: Smart Eye’s system not only tracks eye movements but also incorporates head tracking, providing a comprehensive understanding of user behavior.

– Flexibility: With the ability to use up to eight cameras, Smart Eye’s system can adapt to a wide range of scenarios, providing full 360-degree tracking capability.

The Bottom Line: Embarking on a Journey to Success

Understanding the technical intricacies of Smart Eye’s solutions is crucial for maximizing their potential. By incorporating multi-camera systems and advanced tracking capabilities, Smart Eye ensures seamless integration and accurate results for its customers.

Stay tuned for the next part of our blog series, where we’ll explore the post-purchase integration process and the collaborative experience of working with Smart Eye’s dedicated support team.


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Written by Ashley McManus
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