19 April, 2023

Revolutionizing Assistive Technology: Smart Eye’s Eye-Tracking Systems for People with Disabilities

In our recent release of our Annual Report, we dove into how the Behavioral Research business area of Smart Eye contains three separate business units, each with its own strong expertise and offering. Research Instruments Develops sophisticated eye-tracking systems for numerous world leading research organizations. The systems combine cameras, illumination modules, and top performing algorithms and enable customers to collect data in any environment. 

Research Instruments also offers product integration. By integrating our head, face and eye-tracking technology into other products and devices, we enable a better understanding of human-to-human and human-to-machine interactions. It is a growing opportunity with great potential. 

Assistive technology is a growing market for Smart Eye, where our technology helps remove barriers to expression and movement for people with disabilities. A recent example is the Lumin-i from Smartbox. 

Case Study: Lumin-i from Smartbox removes barriers to expression and movement 

Smart Eye partnered with Smartbox to integrate our eye-tracking technology with its new Lumin-i system. The solution is a powerful and precise Grid Pad AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) device. Lumin-i gives AAC users with complex and limited mobility a tool that helps remove barriers to expression and movement, enabling them to experience a more independent life. Lumin-i is effective and reliable indoors as well as outdoors and offers a unique antireflection mode to help users who wear corrective glasses with coatings or filters. 

Oli is a 17-year-old AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) user who communicates using a Grid Pad communication aid and a Lumin-i eye tracker. Oli is a keen DJ who loves using the power of music to bring people together. He recently won the Alan Martin Award at the 2023 Communication Matters Awards which honors an AAC user who has made a significant contribution to the arts. “I can use Lumin-i outside when it’s really bright, and it still follows my eyes,” says Oli.

The Bottom Line: 

Smart Eye’s customers and partners are found in different industries from pilot training to assistive technology, and include names such as NASA, Boeing, Airbus, Universal Studio Media Labs, Johns Hopkins University, and Harvard University. The Smartbox  partnership with Smart Eye has been instrumental in their success in developing innovative and effective assistive technology products for people with disabilities. Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology has provided Smartbox with the accuracy, flexibility, and support they need to continuously improve and enhance their products. As a result, Smart Eye is a natural partner for any company looking to integrate eye tracking into their products and take them to the next level.

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Written by Ashley McManus
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