23 August, 2022

Sophisticated Eye Tracking for Insight into Human Behavior

Smart Eye’s Research Instruments business area develops the most sophisticated eye tracking systems used by the world’s leading research organizations looking to gain insight into human behavior, intentions, and interactions. Using a camera and illumination modules, combined with world-class computation and analysis software, Research Instruments is redefining the possibilities of human-machine interaction. All over the world, research, education and training groups within different organizations, companies, institutes and universities use Smart Eye’s systems to reach new breakthroughs within human behavioral research. 


The World’s Most Advanced Eye Tracking Systems

Smart Eye’s Research Instruments develops the world’s most advanced eye tracking systems for analyzing human behavior and the impact of human factors. For more than 20 years, we have been working in close collaboration with the automotive industry — an industry that demands technology at the highest standards. Unparalleled accuracy under challenging conditions The eye tracking systems offered by Research Instruments are used in complex research environments, in a wide variety of lighting conditions — from strong sunlight to almost complete darkness. This requires our systems to collect high-quality data under variable lighting, while staying non-obtrusive for research participants. Thanks to this high level of flexibility and accuracy, our systems allow for research conditions to stay very true to real-life situations. 

An eye tracker for every situation 

Research Instruments offers five different eye tracking products: 


Smart Eye XO 

Smart Eye AI-X 

Smart Eye Pro


These products consist of in-house developed hardware, standard industry components, and our proprietary software. We also offer installation, training, and technical integration services, as well as evaluation consultation for different organizations. 

As the world’s most advanced remote eye trackers, our Research Instruments products feature the best combined head box, field of view and gaze accuracy on the market. This versatility, combined with incredible performance in all conditions, is why our products are the preferred partner for complex environments—including car and flight simulators (for pilot training eye tracking), vehicle studies, multi-screen or control room environments, and long-range tracking.


Interested in eye tracking technology? Download our guide on Selecting Eye Tracking Solutions, or contact us now.

Written by Ashley McManus
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