Welcome to Smart Eye's Virtual CES Booth

Smart Eye is back in Las Vegas for CES 2023. You’ll find us in booth #6353 in the automotive-focused West Hall, where we are showing off our latest and greatest technology, including Driver Monitoring (DMS) software, Automotive Interior Sensing AI that combines driver and cabin monitoring, our multi-modal sensor data fusion, and AIS: our aftermarket solution for driver monitoring.

Scroll down for a virtual tour of each of the demos we’re showcasing in our booth, including featured content to learn more about the innovative technologies that are shaping the mobility experiences of tomorrow.

Polestar 3 with Smart Eye's Premium Driver Monitoring Software

Unlocking deeper driver understanding

At CES 2023, Smart Eye and Polestar jointly demonstrate Polestar 3, powered by NVIDIA centralized computing and with Smart Eye’s AI-based premium driver monitoring softwareVisitors get a rare opportunity to see how the cameras inside Polestar 3 track the driver’s head and eye movements, and observe how the AI software can detect the state of the driver in real time.  

Smart Eye’s premium driver monitoring software provides car manufacturers with the best possible application of our industry-leading AI algorithms and the highest quality sensors – bringing next-level safety and comfort to tomorrow’s vehicles.  

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Polestar 3 with Smart Eye’s driver monitoring system on show at CES

The interior of Polestar 3, including Smart Eye's Driver Monitoring System

Smart Eye and Polestar announce they will demonstrate the Polestar 3 driver monitoring system (DMS) at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

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The Verge: The Polestar 3 will keep an eye on you

Polestar 3, including Smart Eye's Driver Monitoring System, on the road

The Verge dives deeper into how the Polestar 3 deploys Smart Eye’s premium driver monitoring to improve road safety.

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AutoTalk: Polestar to demonstrate driver monitoring system at CES

The Polestar 3 with Smart Eye's premium driver monitoring system

AutoTalk writes about how Smart Eye and Polestar will jointly demonstrate the Polestar 3 driver monitoring system at CES 2023.

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Driver Monitoring System Software

Intelligent safety features detecting driver state and behavior

Using sensors and artificial intelligence, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) bring insight into the driver’s state and behavior. A key technology for detecting driver distraction and drowsiness, DMS improves road safety – saving lives all over the world.

At CES 2023, we offer visitors a closer look into Smart Eye’s market-leading driver monitoring software, selected by 18 of the world’s leading car manufacturers for up to 197 car models.

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How Euro NCAP will make DMS the new safety standard

Thanks to Euro NCAP, Driver Monitoring is practically a requirement for any new car model launched on the European market from 2023.

But what exactly is Euro NCAP? How will their updated assessment protocol affect the construction of practically every new car model put on our roads? And – what does it take for a car model to receive a sought-after five-star rating? Get the answers in our recently updated eBook!

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The potential of driver monitoring in driver intoxication research

Every year, 1.3 million people die in road crashes around the world. More than 20% of these fatalities are estimated to be alcohol related. For as long as cars have existed, drunk driving has been a complex problem in need of comprehensive solutions.  

Critical research is being conducted by government bodies, the automotive industry, technology companies and academia to determine more effective approaches. Along with the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Smart Eye is exploring opportunities to leverage evolving driver monitoring system technology to detect alcohol intoxication in drivers.

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Fit 2 Drive – How we collect data from intoxicated drivers

To combat the global issue of intoxicated driving, Smart Eye and VTI are collaborating on a research project called Fit 2 Drive. This is how we managed to collect data from intoxicated drivers on a race track in Mantorp, Sweden.

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AIS – Driver Monitoring for Fleet & Aftermarket

Designed to make every trip a safer journey

AIS is Smart Eye’s end-to-end Driver Monitoring System (DMS) for small-volume car manufacturers, vehicle fleets and the automotive aftermarket. Using our proven DMS software that has already been implemented in more than 1,000,000 cars on the road.

Designed to meet the high quality demands of the automotive industry, AIS unites our world-leading computer vision and AI algorithms with qualified automotive hardware. Our CES 2023 demo showcases the system’s ability to detect drowsiness and distraction and dangerous driver behavior in any situation.

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How Smart Eye's AIS system tracks distraction and drowsiness in a truck

In this video, watch Smart Eye’s Magnus Brunzell show off the technology and features of Smart Eye’s DMS for vehicle fleets and the aftermarket – including how the AIS app makes installation and customization a breeze.

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Paving the Way for Safer Driving with Applied AI Systems (AIS)

In this episode of The Human-Centric AI Podcast, Magnus Brunzell dives deeper into AIS – Smart Eye’s combined hardware and software driver monitoring solution for fleet and aftermarket.

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Automotive Interior Sensing AI

Extend the intelligence to the entire car

Smart Eye’s Automotive Interior Sensing AI combines Driver Monitoring (DMS) with Cabin Monitoring (CMS) to gain a deep, human-centric understanding of what is going on with the people inside a car. Improving road safety and enhancing the mobility experience.

In our CES 2023 four-seat buck demo, see how a combination of different AI algorithms analyze the cabin to answer questions about who is in the car, what they’re doing, what they’re feeling and what objects are present.

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Interior Sensing: The Next Frontier in Improving Road Safety and the Mobility Experience

Interior Sensing Systems are emerging as the natural evolution to Driver Monitoring Systems. In this definitive guide, we walk you through what the technology will mean for everything from road safety and personalized mobility to technical innovation and evolving lifestyles.

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Deep Dive into Smart Eye’s Interior Sensing AI

This episode of The Human-Centric AI Podcast features Detlef Wilke, Vice President of Automotive Solutions at Smart Eye. Listen to learn more about how customers are using our Interior Sensing AI, how it works, and what Detlef sees as future trends in the automotive technology industry.

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Rana el Kaliouby about Interior Sensing AI

Image of Rana el Kaliouby in a Q&A about Interior Sensing

In this interview, AutoSens catches up with Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Smart Eye’s Deputy CEO, about how we can humanize the in-cabin experience using Interior Sensing AI.

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Interior Sensing Blog Series: What is Interior Sensing?

Illustration of Smart Eye's Interior Sensing AI

Start with the first part of our blog series and learn more about the technology behind Interior Sensing AI, its automotive use cases and the features that can save lives in cars.

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A CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

Smart Eye’s Automotive Interior Sensing was named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category.

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Multi-Modal Data Fusion

Deep human behavioral insight from multiple sensors

Using sensors, such as multispectral camera technologies, and the iMotions biometric research platform, tomorrow’s cars will be able to remotely detect the vital signs, emotions and behaviors of the people in the cabin. This insight can then be used to adapt the vehicle’s features and functions, improving road safety and enhancing the mobility experience for all passengers. 

Smart Eye’s demo at CES 2023 gives visitors an opportunity to see how multi-modal data collection unlocks new insight into human behavior in a car. 

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Affectiva Emotion AI

Welcome to the world of Affectiva Emotion AI

Emotion AI is a key technology in automotive interior sensing, as it can give nuanced insight into what’s happening with people in a vehicle. Emotion AI data enables car manufacturers to improve safety and to deliver personalized mobility experiences that enhance comfort, wellness and entertainment. 

A pioneer of Emotion AI, Affectiva’s facial expression analysis software is designed to detect emotions and cognitive states from the face. For CES 2023 we have simplified our demo to show attendees a handful of our metrics. As you interact with the camera and make different faces at the screen, our application captures how you are emotionally reacting in real time.

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