15 May, 2024

A New Technology Category: Human Insight AI

Smart Eye develops and deploys several core technologies to gain insights from subtle and nuanced changes in human behavior, reactions and expressions. These include head and eye tracking, facial expression analysis, Emotion AI, activity and object detection, and multimodal sensor data analysis. 

Currently, Human Insight AI is deployed in industries such as automotive, consumer and market research, as well as R&D in academia and industry. The general nature of the technology means that it can enable transformational human-to-machine interactions in many industries. 

Research customers drive early technology development, which leads to our technology being commercially deployed in that industry. This, in turn, spurs innovation that is fed into improved research products in a virtuous cycle. 

This is already playing out in automotive, an industry Smart Eye entered more than 20 years ago by delivering eye tracking systems that were designed for research in automotive R&D. These were later developed to DMS solutions, and we got our first design wins and a contract for our software to be included in a new car model, in 2016. Since then, close collaboration with customers has spurred further innovation. As a result Smart Eye’s presence within automotive has expanded, with solutions such as Interior Sensing. It has also led to further improvement in our research products that may open new industry verticals such as aviation and healthcare.

Case Study: Advanced driver safety technology in the Volvo EX90 

In Volvo Car’s new all-electric flagship SUV, the Volvo EX90, Smart Eye’s premium Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is a key component. As a part of the Volvo EX90’s Driver Understanding System (DUS), Smart Eye’s AI-based technology provides a deeper understanding of the state of the driver to further enhance traffic safety. Volvo Cars is setting a new standard in active safety by standardizing the DUS in the EX90, including the first system in the industry that combines a dual-camera DUS with a capacitive steering wheel. Powered by Smart Eye’s advanced AI algorithms, the DUS analyzes the eye, face, head, and body movements of the driver. This comprehensive insight into driver behavior enables the Volvo EX90 to offer timely warnings and interventions while staying out of the way when not needed.

“Smart Eye’s leading DMS software is a key component in our Driver Understanding System, where once more, Volvo Cars’ state-of-the-art research will further help drivers avoid collisions. For decades, Smart Eye has proven its strength in delivering outstanding measurement technology for driver behavior studies. Bringing that competence to bear directly in our products is a natural next step and tightly aligns with Volvo Cars’ commitment to continued innovation for everyone’s safety,” said Åsa Haglund, Head of Volvo Cars Safety Center. (Read more in the 2023 Smart Eye Annual Report.)


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Written by Ashley McManus
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