8 January, 2024

The Potential of Eye Tracking to Revolutionize Automotive Research

As the automotive industry advances at an unprecedented pace, the need for innovative research tools becomes paramount. In a recent webinar on eye tracking for automotive research, we explored the potential of Smart Eye’s eye tracking solutions in redefining the possibilities of automotive research.

With that, we are excited to spotlight our Smart Eye Pro eye tracker: where cutting-edge technology meets the future of automotive research. In this blog series, we dive deep into Smart Eye’s eye tracking solutions, honing in on how Smart Eye Pro specifically is reshaping the landscape of automotive research.

The Powerhouse Behind Smart Eye Pro

Smart Eye Pro, a flagship product within our Research Instruments Unit. Beyond being a mere eye tracking solution, Smart Eye Pro acts as a gateway to a realm of unparalleled insights, spanning automotive, aviation, behavioral science, and more.

Non-Intrusive Innovation

One standout feature of Smart Eye Pro is its non-intrusive design, offering a naturalistic eye tracking experience that resonates across diverse industries. Its flexibility and scalability, accommodating up to eight cameras, make it a game-changer in the world of research.

Unveiling the Technology

Smart Eye Pro operates on a multi-camera system, ensuring a comprehensive field of view for head and eye tracking. With accuracy reaching below 1.0 degrees under ideal conditions, the system provides 145 head and eye measurement parameters. The real-world adaptability of Smart Eye Pro is exemplified in scenarios like automotive research, where its versatility shines.

Applications Across Industries

Beyond the automotive realm, Smart Eye Pro finds its place in aviation, psychology, neuroscience, medical, and surgical fields. The non-intrusive design fosters widespread adoption across various sectors, creating a bridge between humans and technology.

The Intricacies of Eye Tracking

A peek into the technology reveals a complex yet fascinating process involving triangulation of the head and eyes through flashes and reflections in the cornea. Smart Eye Pro captures a myriad of data, including gaze direction, eyelid opening, and pupillometry, providing a treasure trove for researchers in different domains.

Automotive Research: A Multifaceted Approach

As we delve into the applications of Smart Eye Pro in automotive research, we discover its diverse use cases. From enhancing driver instruction and recommending vehicle design improvements to evaluating the effects of prescription and illicit drugs on driving, Smart Eye Pro emerges as a cornerstone in understanding the complex interactions between drivers and evolving vehicle technologies.

The Bottom Line

This blog series invites you to join us on examining the impact of Smart Eye Pro on the automotive research industry. In upcoming posts, we’ll explore specific features like the 3D work model and delve into the dynamic research environments where Smart Eye Pro excels. The road to innovation begins with a gaze – stay tuned for more insights, and let Smart Eye Pro redefine the way we perceive automotive research!


Interested in eye tracking for automotive research? Download our Comprehensive Guide to Eye Tracking Technology here, or contact us today to discuss your automotive research project or see a demo!

Written by Ashley McManus
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