18 September, 2023

Exploring the Future of Human Behavior Research with iMotions

In a recent interview with Peter Hartzbech, the CEO of iMotions, we delved into the company’s training academies and their upcoming product, iMotions Online. These initiatives aim to make human behavior research more accessible, flexible, scalable, and affordable. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the iMotions training academies and their ultimate goal. We will also discuss the genesis of iMotions Online, its features, and its potential applications.

iMotions Training Academies: Empowering Researchers

The iMotions training academies have gained significant traction, attracting researchers from diverse fields, including commercial and academic backgrounds. A recent academy held in Boston was a resounding success, drawing in dozens of  researchers for an intensive week of learning and practical application.

During the first few days of the academy, participants delve into the theoretical foundations of various biosensors, such as eye tracking and facial expression analysis. This theoretical knowledge is crucial as it reveals that surveys alone provide only 10% of the answer, while the remaining 90% stems from understanding the intricacies of the brain and the body’s emotional responses.

The training academies are designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of experience. Whether you are a newcomer seeking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced researcher looking to enhance your skills, the academies offer valuable insights. The hands-on nature of the training allows participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge by conducting real studies, implementing different sensors, and analyzing stimuli like packages, images, or videos.

At the end of the training, participants present their findings and reports to the rest of the group, enabling a valuable exchange of knowledge and experiences. The academies provide a unique opportunity for researchers to transform from novices to proficient practitioners capable of conducting impactful studies.

iMotions Online: Revolutionizing Human Behavior Research

iMotions Online represents a significant leap forward for the company. Traditionally, iMotions has been known for its lab-based software, requiring researchers to conduct studies on PCs with dedicated sensors. However, iMotions Online aims to make human behavior research more scalable, cost-effective, and accessible to a wider range of users. 

This cloud-based platform offers an end-to-end solution for study setup, utilizing various sensors and capturing critical metrics. Researchers can design studies, test images and videos, and construct study designs, all while enjoying the benefits of scalability and flexibility. Moreover, iMotions Online enables the creation of panels, making it easier to reach diverse demographics and gather data from different regions.

One of the platform’s notable features is web-based eye tracking, which has been proven to work effectively across different lighting conditions and ethnicities. The inclusion of facial expression analysis from Affectiva adds further depth to the data collection process. Additionally, iMotions Online captures metrics related to head movement and distance to the screen, providing insights into approach-avoidance behavior.

The platform’s versatility extends beyond research and academia. Market research agencies can leverage iMotions Online to conduct studies in multiple countries, enabling thorough testing of new products tailored to specific cultural contexts. The platform’s user-friendly nature allows universities to embrace online research methodologies without the need for costly hardware. Educators can leverage the platform to train students in understanding human behavior, utilizing browser-based software for classroom-based studies and analysis.

The Future of Human Behavior Research

As iMotions continues to innovate, the future holds promising developments. The combination of lab-based studies for high-precision data collection, online pre-testing for cost-effectiveness and study design refinement, and mobile platforms for longitudinal studies opens up new avenues for research. With wearable sensors, researchers can explore extended study durations and target specific populations, such as patients with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

In conclusion, iMotions training academies and the forthcoming iMotions Online platform exemplify the company’s commitment to advancing human behavior research. These initiatives empower researchers, enhance accessibility, and drive innovation in the field. By providing comprehensive training and scalable research solutions, iMotions aims to revolutionize the way we understand and analyze human behavior in a wide range of industries.

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Written by Ashley McManus
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