5 June, 2024

Revolutionizing Research with Smart Eye and iMotions at UND

In the fast-evolving landscape of driver and passenger behavior research, the University of North Dakota (UND) Research Institute for Autonomous Systems (RIAS) embarked on a groundbreaking project to leverage cutting-edge eye tracking technology. Collaborating with Smart Eye and iMotions, UND sought to push the boundaries of understanding in-vehicle dynamics, enhancing their research capabilities significantly.


UND RIAS, a leader in autonomous systems research, faced challenges in comprehensively studying driver and passenger behavior. Traditional methods fell short in providing the depth and accuracy needed to unravel the complexities of human interaction within a vehicle.

Customer Goals and Objectives:
  • Gain a profound understanding of driver and passenger behavior.
  • Enhance safety and efficiency through data-driven insights.
  • Establish UND RIAS as a trailblazer in autonomous systems research.
Selection Process:

UND meticulously evaluated potential solutions, ultimately selecting Smart Eye and iMotions for their innovative hardware and software integration. The decision was influenced by the versatility of the Smart Eye Pro platform and the comprehensive biosensor capabilities offered by iMotions.

The Solution:

The chosen solution featured Smart Eye’s advanced eye tracking hardware seamlessly integrated with iMotions’ research platform. This comprehensive setup included multiple cameras, EEG data collection modules, and emotion sensing capabilities, forming a powerful synergy for in-depth research.

Implementation Process:

Despite facing challenges in the unconventional environment of a Humvee, the UND team, in collaboration with Smart Eye, overcame obstacles, ensuring a successful implementation. The temperature extremes and mechanical issues of the Humvee were addressed, turning it into a formidable research tool.

Results and Benefits:

The results were transformative:

– Unprecedented insights into driver and passenger behavior.

– Real-time, actionable data for improved safety and efficiency.

– Enhanced situational awareness beyond laboratory constraints.

“Embarking on such an ambitious project required not only groundbreaking technology but also a knowledgeable and collaborative partner. Working with the Smart Eye team was truly enjoyable. Their expertise in eye tracking technology was clear and their dedication to the success of our research was evident at every step. The Smart Eye team not only provided us with a remarkable product but also took the time to ensure our team understood the intricacies, empowering us to maximize the potential of their technology. The collaborative spirit was exceptional, making the implementation process not only successful but also an enjoyable experience.” – University of North Dakota Professor and project sponsor Philip Brandt

“Working with UND was a rewarding experience. Their commitment to pushing boundaries aligned perfectly with our mission to provide groundbreaking eye-tracking solutions.” – Rob Wesley, Sales Director at Smart Eye

“Seeing our technology contribute to UND’s autonomous systems research was gratifying. The integration of eye-tracking with biosensors showcased the true potential of comprehensive research setups.” – Nam Nguyen, Senior Neuroscience Product Specialist at iMotions

From temperature extremes to technical intricacies, challenges were met with collaboration and expertise. The Smart Eye and iMotions teams worked seamlessly with UND to ensure the project’s success. Buoyed by this success, UND plans to expand its research using Smart Eye and iMotions technologies. The platform’s adaptability positions UND RIAS as a forerunner in autonomous systems research.

The Bottom Line:

The UND, Smart Eye, and iMotions collaboration not only met but exceeded expectations. The fusion of cutting-edge hardware and software has set new standards in autonomous systems research, establishing UND as a pioneering institution in the field.


Researchers and institutions eager to redefine the boundaries of their studies are encouraged to explore the solutions provided by Smart Eye and iMotions. Read the full testimonial here, and connect with our teams to embark on a journey of groundbreaking research and innovation. 

Written by Ashley McManus
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