1 February, 2023

How Eye Tracking Helps Researchers More Efficiently Analyze Behavior: Human Factors Deep Dive

Today’s episode features Rob Wesley, North American Sales Director at Smart Eye. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. He has spent his career at a number of automotive companies including Panasonic Automotive Systems and Bosch in roles varying from account management to strategic consulting. Rob has been with Smart Eye for 6 years, and has been an integral part in scaling its business development initiatives, working with researchers and clients to find the eye tracking solutions that best align with what they are trying to achieve.

We talked all about Human Factors: everything from analyzing behavior to providing insights in a wide variety of fields, making research, development and education progress towards a safer and better tomorrow. We got deeper into how some of the more technical aspects of Smart Eye’s Research Instruments eye tracking products work, as well as some use cases on how different organizations use our technology. Let’s listen in to learn more.


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