29 January, 2024

Smart Eye Pro’s 3D Remote Eye Tracking for Automotive Research

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive research, innovation is not just about what you can see; it’s about understanding where you look. Based on a recent eye tracking in automotive research webinar hosted by Smart Eye, today’s article dives into the intricacies of Smart Eye Pro’s 3D remote, multi-camera eye tracking technology—a paradigm shift in how we perceive and analyze human behavior within vehicles.

Unpacking the 3D Remote Eye Tracking Concept

To embark on this journey, let’s decode the essence of 3D remote, multi-camera eye tracking. Smart Eye Pro, being a head and eye tracker, captures data on both the head and eyes independently, offering a wealth of insights into human behavior.

Navigating the 3D World Model

The key to Smart Eye Pro’s prowess lies in its ability to create a 3D world model, blending data from both head and eye tracking. The various components include the direction, pitch, roll, and tilt of the head, alongside intricate eye-related data such as eyelid opening, pupil diameter, and gaze origin. The result is a comprehensive representation of the subject’s interaction with their environment.

The Art of Origin: Customizing the World Coordinate System

One crucial aspect of Smart Eye Pro’s 3D remote eye tracking is the establishment of a well-defined origin within the world coordinate system. This origin can be freely placed, rotated, and manipulated, aligning with various points of reference within the environment. This flexibility not only ensures accurate data but also facilitates seamless integration with other sensors in the vehicle.

Crafting a 3D World Model: A Glimpse into Reality

Smart Eye Pro recreates the entire vehicle environment in a 3D world model. This wireframe model, based on the world coordinate system, captures the real or simulated environment. As demonstrated in the webinar (watch it here), the origin’s position can be freely adjusted, offering a customizable and realistic representation for accurate analysis.

Interface Exploration: Unveiling Smart Eye Pro in Action

A highlight of our exploration is the interface of Smart Eye Pro. In the webinar, we walked through the real-time demonstration, showcasing the 3D world model at the bottom and the four cameras capturing different perspectives at the top. The subject’s gaze, represented by the red-highlighted object, seamlessly integrates with the naturalistic environment—a testament to the system’s unobtrusive flexibility.

Beyond Simulators: Real-World Deployment

Smart Eye Pro transcends the confines of simulators and finds applications in real-world scenarios. From automotive and semi-truck simulators to aircraft-based simulations, military applications, boats, ships, and even train conductors, the system proves its adaptability. The robustness of Smart Eye Pro shines, even in varying lighting conditions, as it generates its own infrared light.

iMotions: Elevating Data Processing

We also shed some light on the role of iMotions, a biometric analysis platform that complements Smart Eye Pro. By flattening data from various biometric sensors, including eye tracking, iMotions offers a polished video and data processing software. For Smart Eye Pro users, this collaboration provides a seamless platform for analysis, annotation, and data exporting.

The Future Unveiled

As we unravel the intricacies of Smart Eye Pro’s 3D remote eye tracking, it’s evident that the future of automotive research is being reshaped. Stay tuned for more insights as we explore the dynamic features and applications that make Smart Eye Pro a game-changer in the pursuit of understanding human behavior within vehicles. The road to innovation continues, and Smart Eye Pro leads the way.


Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar recording here, or contact us to discuss your automotive research project!

Written by Ashley McManus
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