9 January, 2024

Vision in Motion: The Future of Human-Centric Mobility with Smart Eye and Forvia at CES 2024

As we stride into the future of automotive innovation, the collaboration between Smart Eye and Forvia takes center stage, promising groundbreaking developments showcased at CES 2024. This strategic partnership amplifies the commitment of both companies to redefine the driving experience through cutting-edge technology.

Smart Eye’s Emotion-Driven Human-Machine Interaction

At the heart of this collaboration lies the unveiling of Smart Eye’s Emotion AI Prompt Engine—a testament to recent advances in generative AI. This innovative technology merges advanced automotive sensing with the capabilities of large language models, transforming in-car assistants to recognize emotions and facilitating dynamic human-vehicle interactions. The collaboration with Forvia and other industry leaders aims to reshape the dynamics of human-machine interfaces and elevate road safety in next-generation vehicles.

Forvia’s Role in Shaping Human-Centric Mobility

Building on Forvia’s legacy as a trailblazer in AI and eye tracking technology, the partnership with Smart Eye further extends its influence across the automotive landscape. Dr. Tara Akhavan, Forvia’s Global Innovation and Ecosystems Director, leads a global team poised to redefine the driving experience. The fusion of Forvia’s passion and purpose aligns seamlessly with Smart Eye’s commitment to innovation.

CES 2024: A Showcase of Collaboration and Innovation

The anticipation for CES 2024 is palpable, with Smart Eye and Forvia set to reveal their collaborative efforts at Booth #6741 in the West Hall. The joint display will feature Smart Eye’s Emotion AI Prompt Engine alongside Forvia’s contributions to a holistic approach in automotive innovation—infusing intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) into the future of automotive experiences.

The Convergence: Smart Eye and Forvia’s Shared Vision

Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye, expresses excitement about the collaborative journey, stating, “We are especially thrilled to collaborate with our automotive ecosystem partners, including Forvia, to showcase how we are innovating the latest and greatest technology in cars on the road.” This sentiment resonates with Forvia’s commitment to revolutionizing the automotive experience, as highlighted in our recent press release.

What to Expect at CES 2024

The joint showcase at CES 2024 promises an immersive experience at Central Plaza 3, offering over 20 demonstrations across six business groups. Visitors will get a glimpse into an automotive future where intelligence and emotion seamlessly converge, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Smart Eye and Forvia.

In summary, the partnership between Smart Eye and Forvia marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of automotive technology. The fusion of innovative AI capabilities, a holistic approach to human-centric mobility, and a shared commitment to redefine the driving experience position this collaboration as a driving force in shaping the future of the automotive journey. Stay tuned for an exploration of how this collaboration will impact the automotive landscape, ushering in a new era of innovation and connectivity on the road.


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Written by Ashley McManus
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