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Smart Eye is back in Las Vegas for CES 2024!

You’ll find us in booth #6741 in the automotive-focused West Hall, where we are showing off our latest and greatest technology, including Driver Monitoring (DMS) software, Automotive Interior Sensing AI that combines driver and cabin monitoring, our multimodal sensor data fusion, and an exciting new Generative AI concept that combines Emotion AI, Interior Sensing and ChatGPT.

Scroll down for an online tour of each of the demos we’re showcasing in our booth, and get access to featured content to learn more about the innovative technologies that are shaping the mobility experiences of tomorrow.

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Driver Monitoring System Software

Intelligent safety features detecting driver state and behavior

Using sensors and artificial intelligence, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) bring insight into the driver’s state and behavior. A key technology for detecting driver distraction and drowsiness, DMS improves road safety – saving lives all over the world.

At CES 2024, we offer a closer look into Smart Eye’s market-leading driver monitoring software, selected by 21 of the world’s leading car manufacturers for 315 car models. Visitors also have an opportunity to experience how Smart Eye’s Synthetic Data Generation Tool can generate realistic-looking infrared camera footage of virtual avatars in varied vehicle environments – reducing bias and enhancing the accuracy of our AI algorithms.

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Meet Susan: A Synthetic Avatar Driving the Future of AI in Automotive Safety

As one of the many synthetic avatars of Smart Eye’s Synthetic Data Generation Tool, Susan plays an important role in enhancing the automotive AI of the future. 

In an up-close look at our ground-breaking tool for generating synthetic automotive video footage, learn why synthetic data is essential for future AI development, how it helps combat algorithmic bias, and what makes Smart Eye’s tool completely unique in the automotive industry.

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How Euro NCAP will make DMS the new safety standard

Thanks to Euro NCAP, Driver Monitoring is practically a requirement for any new car model launched on the European market since 2023.

But what exactly is Euro NCAP? How will their updated assessment protocol affect the construction of practically every new car model put on our roads? And – what does it take for a car model to receive a sought-after five-star rating? Get the answers in our recently updated eBook!

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AIS – Driver Support for Fleets and Small-Volume OEMs

Intelligent driver support for safer roads

AIS is Smart Eye’s complete hardware and software driver support system for small-volume vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket installation for vehicle fleets.

Using AI-based technology to detect driver distraction and drowsiness, AIS is a flexible and scalable in-cabin safety system designed to reduce road accidents. A camera-based system that never records or stores any footage of the driver, AIS lets fleets enhance safety without ever compromising on privacy.

Our CES 2024 demo showcases the system’s ability to detect drowsiness, distraction, and dangerous driver behavior in any situation. We also demonstrate how AIS lets vehicle manufacturers smoothly adopt highly accurate drowsiness detection in their vehicles, guaranteeing immediate compliance with the EU’s General Safety Regulation (GSR).

AIS for OEMs       AIS for Fleets

The Ultimate Guide to Driver Monitoring Systems in the Fleet Industry

In this comprehensive guide to driver support systems in the fleet industry, delve deep into a technology that will eventually be a part of all our lives. Get to know the complex software at its core, the legislation surrounding it, and its multi-faceted benefits on safety, financial health and efficiency.

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How to Install AIS in a Truck in Under 5 Minutes

Flexible and scalable, AIS offers advanced, AI-based safety technology that can be effortlessly implemented in existing vehicles in minutes.

Need proof? Watch the video to the right to see Magnus Brunzell, our VP of Applied AI Systems (AIS), showcase a lightning-fast AIS installation inside a truck cabin – all in under 5 minutes.

Automotive Interior Sensing AI

Extend the intelligence to the entire car

Smart Eye’s Automotive Interior Sensing AI combines Driver Monitoring (DMS) with Cabin Monitoring (CMS) to gain a deep, human-centric understanding of what is going on with the people inside a car. Improving road safety and enhancing the mobility experience.

In our CES 2024 four-seat buck demo, see how a combination of different AI algorithms analyze the cabin to answer questions about who is in the car, what they’re doing, what they’re feeling and what objects are present.

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Interior Sensing: The Next Frontier in Improving Road Safety and the Mobility Experience

Interior Sensing Systems are emerging as the natural evolution to Driver Monitoring Systems. In this definitive guide, we walk you through what the technology will mean for everything from road safety and personalized mobility to technical innovation and evolving lifestyles.

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Deep Dive into Smart Eye’s Interior Sensing AI

This episode of The Human-Centric AI Podcast features Detlef Wilke, Vice President of Automotive Solutions at Smart Eye. Listen to learn more about how customers are using our Interior Sensing AI, how it works, and what Detlef sees as future trends in the automotive technology industry.

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Depth Sensing

Add a new dimension to active and passive safety

Through depth sensing, we elevate capabilities of our driver monitoring and interior sensing solutions by providing a detailed 3D view of the cabin’s interior landscape, enhancing both vehicle safety and the user experience. Our CES 2024 demo showcases how this technology unlocks even more advanced in-cabin functions beyond the two-dimensional.

Depth sensing provides a comprehensive understanding of the status and position of each person, object, and surface within the vehicle. This level of detailed insight is crucial for meeting the requirements of adaptive restraint systems across various safety standards and car rating schemes, including FMVSS 208 and Euro NCAP.

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Emotion AI Prompt Engine

Dynamic human-vehicle interactions built on generative AI

The Smart Eye Emotion AI Prompt Engine is a concept at the very edge of automotive innovation, seamlessly merging advanced automotive sensing technologies with generative AI to create an empathetic in-vehicle AI companion.

For our CES 2024 demo, the Smart Eye Emotion AI Prompt Engine leverages Smart Eye’s sophisticated sensing technologies, such as gaze tracking, facial expression analysis, and activity detection. This rich sensory data is then synergized with the capabilities of large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT.

Translating sensory inputs into text prompts, the Smart Eye Emotion AI Prompt Engine allows for dynamic human-vehicle interactions – for next-generation safety, comfort, and entertainment.

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Multimodal Data Fusion

A multimodal platform for insights from concept to car

Using sensors, such as multispectral camera technologies, and the iMotions biometric research platform, tomorrow’s cars will be able to remotely detect the vital signs, emotions and behaviors of the people in the cabin. Collecting and fusing data from multiple sensors, automotive researchers and OEMs gain deep insight into the user experience and UX design of a vehicle. These insights can then drive OTA updates or be used for development of next generation platforms.  

Smart Eye’s demo at CES 2024 gives visitors an opportunity to see how multimodal data collection unlocks new insight into human behavior in a car. 

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Affectiva Emotion AI

Welcome to the world of Affectiva Emotion AI

Emotion AI is a key technology in automotive interior sensing, as it can give nuanced insight into what’s happening with people in a vehicle. Emotion AI data enables car manufacturers to improve safety and to deliver personalized mobility experiences that enhance comfort, wellness and entertainment.  

A pioneer of Emotion AI, Affectiva’s core technology offers a robust and diverse database of 15M+ faces and 8B+ facial frames from 90 different countries. Our Emotion AI solutions offer 30+ facial classifiers to accurately detect emotions and cognitive states from the face. For CES 2024 we have simplified our demo to show attendees a selection of our metrics. As you interact with the camera and make different facial expressions at the screen, our application captures how you are emotionally reacting in real time. 

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Generative AI meets Emotion AI: AI Disruption in Advertising

At Affectiva, we believe in the power of emotions in advertising. But what happens if we add Generative AI to the mix?

In our latest eBook, Generative AI meets Emotion AI. We delve into the world of Generative AI, advertising, the insights that Emotion AI can provide, and recommendations on how to successfully use this technology in ad campaigns.

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The New Affectiva Attention Metric: A Deep Dive into AI and Human Behavior

In this episode of The Human-Centric AI Podcast, Matt Strafuss, Director of Product and Customer Solutions at Affectiva (a Smart Eye company), explains how Affectiva leverages Smart Eye’s leading eye tracking technology to introduce a groundbreaking new Emotion AI metric.

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