6 March, 2024

Revolutionizing Research: Smart Eye and iMotions Unlock Human Behavior Insights

In the world of human-machine interaction, Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology is a critical component. Our Smart Eye Pro solution is a comprehensive system that redefines how researchers understand and analyze human behavior in complex environments.

Smart Eye Pro: A 3D Remote Multi-Camera System

Smart Eye Pro is a 3D remote multi-camera eye-tracking system that stands out for its versatility and accuracy. The 3D aspect refers to its utilization of a world coordinate system, providing a detailed understanding of a subject’s gaze within a specific environment. This system excels in simultaneous driver-passenger testing, accommodating subjects wearing glasses or sunglasses, and performing flawlessly in various lighting conditions.

The system’s multi-camera setup, scalable up to eight cameras, enables flexibility in testing scenarios. Whether replicating a simulator environment or transitioning to real-world testing in a vehicle, Smart Eye Pro adapts seamlessly. It provides over 145 head and eye measurements, offering a deep dive into gaze vectors, pupil diameter, blinks, and more.

One of Smart Eye Pro’s distinctive features is its insensitivity to ambient light, allowing testing in diverse conditions—from bright sunlight to complete darkness. This capability makes it a reliable solution for researchers exploring human behavior in a wide array of environments.

Integration with iMotions Biometric Platform

Smart Eye Pro’s power extends beyond eye tracking through its integration with the iMotions biometric platform. This collaboration brings together eye-tracking data and emotional indicators, creating a multimodal approach to understanding human responses. The synchronized recording of Smart Eye Pro with the iMotions platform provides a holistic view, enriching the analysis of subjects’ interactions.

In a recent virtual event, Nam Nguyen (Technical Partnership Manager and Senior Neuroscience Product Specialistat iMotions) highlighted the seamless integration that allows researchers to combine eye-tracking data with emotional insights effortlessly. The iMotions platform incorporates an emotion module, adding another layer to the analysis. This combined approach opens up new possibilities for researchers to delve deeper into the complexities of human behavior and decision-making.

Real-world Application: UND and the Humvee Test

The real-world application of Smart Eye Pro and iMotions at the University of North Dakota (UND) offers a glimpse into the system’s capabilities. In a Humvee test scenario, researchers utilized the 3D model of the vehicle to track gaze points both inside the Humvee and on the external terrain. The Smart Recorder tool facilitated overlaying gaze data on webcam images, providing a detailed analysis of subjects’ interactions with their surroundings.

This application at UND underscores the potential of eye tracking technology to revolutionize research in diverse fields. By combining precision eye tracking with a multimodal approach, researchers gain unprecedented insights into human behavior. The journey continues towards unlocking new frontiers, contributing to a safer and more sustainable future.

Smart Eye and iMotions are technology providers that are catalyzing the shift in how we comprehend and analyze interactions between humans and machines. The collaborative efforts between these entities exemplify a commitment to advancing research and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in understanding human behavior.


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Written by Ashley McManus
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